Sunday, November 2, 2014

SEALs: Defending America on the Sea, Air, and Land -- Part 5

Dear Readers,

It seems I can’t pull myself away from writing about SEALs.  I actually met an honest-to-goodness SEAL who came to our writers’ group and talked about his exploits.

To my surprise, he wasn’t a big man.  He probably stood no taller than 5’8” and weighed less than 150 pounds.  He was wiry, had a keen sense of humor, and didn’t mind using words like “kill.”

The other attendees and I were captivated with him and his stories.  One lady who wrote romantic suspense  asked him what was the most efficient way to kill someone.  He said that if you didn’t mind some blood and gore, that running the person over the car was quick, easy, and efficient.

Wow!   I’d imagined something much more exotic, something with stealth and secrecy, but this warrior got right to the point.

Okay.  Enough of my stories.  Let’s get to some down-and-dirty facts about SEALS:

Fact:  President John F. Kennedy, on January 1, 1962, officially signed documents that led to the establishment of SEAL Teams One and Two in the Pacific and Atlantic fleets, respectively.  Personnel from the UDTs composed both groups. 

Fact:  The SEAL Teams were essential for operations in the Vietnam War.    They were the most highly decorated units assigned to duty in that conflict.

Fact:  Twenty years later, in 1983, the four remaining UDTS were officially un-established and reorganized into SEAL teams. 

I hope you enjoy learning more about SEALS as much as I have in researching them. 

May the Lord bless you and the United States of America,


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