Sunday, November 30, 2014

SEALs: Defending America on the Sea, Air, and Land -- Part 8

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Last week, we talked about the vehicles/crafts SEALs use to carry out their missions.  Today, we’re going to learn a bit about some of the weapons they employ.

The weapon of choice for SEALs operating from a water environment is the Heckler and Koch 9mm MP-5A5 Sub-machine gun.  SEALs choose this weapon when in close quarter combat conditions. 

The Navy SEAL sniper rifle is Model 700 Remington.300 Winchester Magnum.  With its 10X Leupold day-scope, it is one of three sniper rifles favored by SEALS, the others being the M-14 with a Sniper kit and a McMillen 50 caliber SASR bolt action rifle.
The limpet mine is part of the SEAL combat swimmer standard equipment.  Attached to a vessel’s hull underwater and set to go off at a precise time after the swimmer is a safe distance away, this mine is a high explosive used for disabling and destroying surface vessels.

Can you imagine the skill and knowledge it takes to employ the above weapons?  SEALs possess not only great physical prowess but also have a high degree of mental acuity and ability to make split-second decisions.  Everything I learn about this special breed of warrior only reinforces my respect and admiration for them.

May the Lord bless you and the United States of America,


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