Sunday, October 5, 2014

SEALs: Defending America on the Sea, Air, and Land -- Part 1

Dear Readers,

Chances are you’ve watched a movie, read a book, or seen stories of the exploits of SEALs on the news. 

The acronym SEAL identifies the environments in which SEALs operate:  sea, air, and land.  Though equally adept (and deadly) in any of these environments, it is the water where SEALs feel most comfortable, where they return after completing a mission on the land or in the air.

SEALs trace their beginnings to the Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs) of World War II.  Initially, Scout and Raider units were joint Army and Navy, but were later composed of all Navy personnel.  Scout and Raiders made up amphibious reconnaissance units. 

Lt. Commander Draper L. Kauffman was hand selected as the leader of the NCDU project.  Kauffman had a wide experience of demolition work and bomb disposal which he incorporated in the training, setting up a vigorous program, including Hell Week, which remains a cornerstone of SEALs training today.

The NCDU had as their mission statement, “To have the responsibility for removing natural and manmade underwater obstacles, which are likely to obstruct landing operations.  This mission is performed in close cooperation with other units of the amphibious forces.”

More to come next week about the storied SEALs.

May the Lord bless you and the United States of America,


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